New Zealand Rules

New Zealand Barefoot Water Ski Club Rules

The New Zealand rules, 31/12/14

The NZ rules are rules that are to be used only in New Zealand at any sanctioned tournament, e.g. (Regionals and Nationals only).

When using the World rules, the NZ rule changes listed below will replace the World rule section of the document.

Rule 309 Semi Finals:

(B) To be eligible for the semi-finals a skier does not have to score in the first round/elimination round of that event.

Number of skiers in the eventNumber of skiers skiing in the third round

Rule 504 Overall scoring - application

(B) To be considered for the overall placing, a contestant does not have to receive overall points in all events.

Rule 506 Qualification for overall:

Overall points shall be calculated from the scores obtained from either/or the slalom, tricks or jump event. A skier does not have to score in all the events to obtain an overall placing.


a) A skier can chose to ski in any one division where eligible when entering a Tournament. A skier may chose these division from tournament to tournament during the season.

Rookies event:

a) A skier may compete in the Rookies grade at any age. He or she must either ski directly on the boom or on a 1 to1.5m trick handle off the boom.

b) In the trick event. Points will be scored as per World rules, but only 25% of their value will be scored for skiing on the boom, and 50% of their value will be scored for skiing on the 1.5m trick handle.

c) In the slalom event, the skier must make a definite movement of their bodies center line to be scored. Points will be given for every one movement. Half a point will be given for skiing on two feet and one point for a skiing on one foot.

d) A skier does not have to be a member of the NZBWSC to compete in the Rookies event.


When a level 1 or 2 judge is over-ruled by two lower graded judges, the Chief Judge may review video. If the Chief Judge sees that the level one judge has been incorrectly over-ruled, the Chief Judge will correct the error. Where possible, the Chief Judge will call in the other judges and use the video as a learning opportunity.

Jump Event

For a skier to compete in the jump event in tournament they must hold a jump proficency as be the proficency requierments.

Division minium scores

If a skier scores in tournament any of two scores stated below they will then move up to the next divison. If any of these two scores are scored during the season before Nationals they will then move up to ski in the divison above.

Mens one, 13 Slalom, 2500 Tricks, 16m Jump to Open

Mens Two, 6 Slalom, 880 Tricks, to Mens One

Womens One, 8 Slalom, 1400 Tricks. to Open