News Item: : Ben Groen joins "All Can Ski Adaptive Waterski Clinic"
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Friday 21 November 2014 - 20:24:10


Team WBC is growing and getting involved in new events. This past month the whole crew joined in to help out the All Can Ski, Adaptive Waterski Clinic held in Winter Haven by the Cypress Gardens Ski Team. It was an amazing experience. Helping and teaching a person who is solely putting ALL their trust in you to keep them safe while enjoying the sport you love is simply amazing. The excitement and smiles on the children to wounded warriors was priceless. I can’t encourage you enough to jump at the opportunity to get involved in a disabled event. Do not worry if you don’t know how to ski, so many more people are involved during the process. Boat drivers, ski fitters, pin pullers, swimmers, and people setting up skis and rolling ropes.

This whole idea might seem intimidating but let me let you I promise it will be one of the best experiences of your life. My personal experience of serving others in this way is that no matter what you do to help you are appreciated. Due to a cut on my leg I was not able to ski this year, but I hopped into a boat and pulled the pin for the skiers. Wow, looking at the facial expressions from the boat was a whole other perspective. A full view of the side skiers (helpers) and the disabled skiers faces and gestures, everyone loved it, I even heard a few cheers of glee! There is just something about watching the top barefoot water skiers in the world taking the time out of their day to help those who are not able. Even just typing those words reliving it again give me chills of happiness.

Team WBC jumped right into the event helping in all areas. Some grabbed tools to adjust the sit skis to fit different sized skiers, others organized ropes, and everyone listened intently to Gordy who was teaching step by step what to do as a side skier. The whole day was filled with hearts overflowing with love and appreciation.

Article courtesy of WBC - author - Lauren St. Onge

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