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Looking to renew you're membership or perhaps you've just completed your "minute"/"30". We've got you covered with membership options below


Adult Membership Renewal

Adult skiers over the age of 17.



Junior Membership Renewal

Children under 17 as of 1 January 



Assoisate Membership

Club supporters




Family Membership

Includes two adults and children still at school (teritary education not included).



 New Member - Lifetime badge 

Just got your minute? This includes your badge, membership card and club membership for the current season. 


How to be a member?


If you're keen to give Barefooting a go or have been Barefoot Waterskiing for a while but want to join up and get "Badged" then here is the information YOU NEED!


To become a 'Badged' member of the NZ Barefoot Waterski Club you have to pass a selection test;

Under the observation of current financial NZBWSC member;

  • For Men (17 years and over) attain Forward Barefoot Ski position on Long Line behind a boat and ski for 1 minute.

  • For Women and juniors (16 and under) attain Forward Barefoot Ski position on Long Line behind a boat and ski for 30 seconds.

Alternatively if you would just like to support the club and help officiate at tournaments etc. you can become an associate member.

Why be a member?


Here's what you get!

Your very own embroidered NZBWSC Badge with your Life Membership number on it


A plastic pressed membership card with your name and badge number on it to keep in your wallet to boast about.


Access to tournaments around New Zealand and possibly represent NZ offshore.


The chance to attend camps and training from the best coaches in NZ and from around the world.


The chance to meet the fantastic "Barefoot Family" of New Zealand, make friends and increase your Barefoot Waterski knowledge at every level, from actual skiing, to driving, to purchasing boats, to judging and more.

*Coming soon* Discounts off world leading Barefoot Waterskiing equiptment 


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