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Kiwis set to head to Texas for 2022 Masters Championships

The first Masters World Barefoot Championship 2022 are being held in San Marcos, Texas, USA from September 26th to October 1st and will see three kiwis once again representing New Zealand at these championships.

This event will host a new format for senior skiers and may see an entry cut-off at 100 competitors as the popularity grows from around world. The masters championships will see both new competitors and the return of older skiers competing over the 5 day event.

Congratulations to Ben Groen who has been selected as chief driver which will be his first time in an officials position at a world level.

Claire Mowday has been selected as a scorer.

Robbie Groen has also been selected as a judge for the first time at a world tournament, as well as competing in the 55 to 65 age group.

We wish all for them the very best in what will be an amazing first for the sport.

Follow this link to see what’s on

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