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Waikato Regionals 2022

Waikato regionals saw our group of barefooters go head to head with Cyclone Dovi. Unfortunately for us, Cyclone Dovi took the win blowing wind down the course all weekend.

Thankfully we got to see some skiing in action with the jam packed division of 8 Rookies battling it out in 2 full rounds. Ellie Hollands took out the competition on her last entry as a rookie due to getting her minute badge on her first attempt.. Sub Junior Girls here we come! Lily took out the second spot making her first front deepie on the 1.5m rope and Sara plumber came in third with some tidy skiing on the boom. Special mention goes to Boyd Groen on his barefooting debut at just 4 years old! Great work from all the groms!

As for the long line competition, the skiers battled it out for one round of slalom. Georgia Groen caught the best conditions as we entered the eye of the storm and slalomed a PB of 17.2 taking out the number one spot. Bevan Kelly took out the open men with 14 crossings, closely followed by Ryan Groen with 13.9 and Tom Mathis wasn't too far behind with a 13.6 to get a third place finish, Fred Groen, Toby Kelly and Rob Groen followed up the pack to complete the men's competition

After having his flight cancelled due to weather our UK skier Harrison Whitehouse arrived just in time for his ski but unfortunately missing his back deep didn't quite get the score he was after. The Juniors struggled in the water conditions however had a great time jumping of the tower and bridge whilst the competition was on hold. Congratulations to Jack Mathis and Charlotte McGuire on taking out the junior boys and junior girls.

Crystal Plumber on her comeback tournament skied great in the conditions to take out the woman one title, and it was a battle of the old boys in the seniors with Grant Plumber and Grayson cooper coming away with first equal in the most challenging conditions of the day.

To wrap it up everyone enjoyed a fantastic night at the Leigh residence celebrating Georgia and Toms engagement!

A massive thanks to the whole Waikato team for all the effort that was put in to organize the event and all the judges and drivers that make it happen. The conditions can only get better for the Nationals!

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